A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Proc Skater 2016 is a new kind of skateboarding game. Pick a name and enjoy your custom, artisanal, one-of-a-kind skatepark and skateboarder. Accrue points as you complete tricks and create cool recorded gifs to share your exploits. All generation is seeded, meaning that any park/rider/city combination will always be the same from a given name. Find the parks that best suit your play style.

Built in Unity with Clojure thanks to the arcadia Unity plugin.

Created by Joseph Parker and Ryan Jones. Gamepad support by Oscar Morante.

Thanks to your donations this game raised $379.00 for the Southern Poverty Law Center!!!

The SPLC stands for opposing hate crime, supporting equitable schooling, and seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.


WASD for board forward/back/left/right.

QE for rolling while in the air.

WS for pivoting forward and back while in the air.

SPACE for jumping.

ESCAPE to go to menu, or quit game in menu

L for starting/stopping a recording. The last 12 seconds of a recording will be saved to a *.gif file somewhere on your computer.


  • 11/14/2016: Bumped up jump force. Upped physics iterations. Fixed score multiplier. Set default graphics level to "Fantastic".
  • 11/14/2016: Fixed missing final.xml in mac version


procskater2016-windows.zip 16 MB
procskater2016-linux.zip 19 MB
procskater2016-mac.zip 19 MB


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I made a let's play of Proc Skater 2016! It was a really funny game to play :D Here's the video if you want to check it out! Sorry about being a bit harsh at the end, it was all in good fun! :)

controls very tough to get used to, animation of person is very disorienting as they always seem to be leaning backwards. dont go in thinking you will get freeplay tony hawk.

The world's only communist pro-skateboarder shows off his moves.

This game definitely has some AWESOME potential!

Reminds me of Happy Wheels from a few years back, but it's also great to see more skateboarding games :)


I featured your game in my video. (Until 1:27) It was really fun! I liked how derpy the mechanics were. It made me laugh. There was a texture bug though for Fastest setting you should look into. But otherwise, Great game! :D

Yeah I think there's a shader bug - I get the same issue with fastest settings on windows.. Amazing let's play, thanks for featuring us!

I somehow got the game to apparently respawn me infinitly, while the old mes still existed O_o

haha yeah we're calling that the 'headless skater bug', for now you have to escape to the menu to fix it :/

@jamebesa updated the mac to a known working version, thanks!

mac build doesn't seem to run.

-- The application "procskater2016" can't be opened. --

Looking for a good seed? Some of our favorites:
  • "selfsame" - large halfpipe area
  • "burger" - good bowls
  • "procskater" - park wide canyon

It's like a bad dream.