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kid: mom can we have skate 3 

mom: we already have it at home

skate 3 at home ^

lol i love it

it doesent work for windows

doesn't work for mac

i did a short review on this game. i hope you guys work on it more!

This game glitches to much,but it is funny so I rate 8/10 Stars

this game looks better than any 4k game ever

this game looks better than any 4k game ever

I had such a blast with the weirdest skating simulation game ever! :D Not just that the characters themselves gave me a good chuckle, but all the little bugs and glitches gave the whole game a fantastic flair! It was a pure joy to try out the different skate parks and I can't imagine how much work you must have put into the seed-generation-algorithm for that. It was stunning, so I didn't just write an article about your game and uploaded a short gameplay video, but also I happily included it in our GOTY 2016 list. <3 Looking forward to new stuff of you in the future!

Best wishes,

controls very tough to get used to, animation of person is very disorienting as they always seem to be leaning backwards. dont go in thinking you will get freeplay tony hawk.

The world's only communist pro-skateboarder shows off his moves.

This game definitely has some AWESOME potential!

Reminds me of Happy Wheels from a few years back, but it's also great to see more skateboarding games :)


I featured your game in my video. (Until 1:27) It was really fun! I liked how derpy the mechanics were. It made me laugh. There was a texture bug though for Fastest setting you should look into. But otherwise, Great game! :D

Yeah I think there's a shader bug - I get the same issue with fastest settings on windows.. Amazing let's play, thanks for featuring us!

I somehow got the game to apparently respawn me infinitly, while the old mes still existed O_o

haha yeah we're calling that the 'headless skater bug', for now you have to escape to the menu to fix it :/

@jamebesa updated the mac to a known working version, thanks!

mac build doesn't seem to run.

-- The application "procskater2016" can't be opened. --

Looking for a good seed? Some of our favorites:
  • "selfsame" - large halfpipe area
  • "burger" - good bowls
  • "procskater" - park wide canyon

It's like a bad dream.